The MongoDB docs state that one can use the mongo client console to initialize replica sets by running rs.initiate([config]). However, I don't want to have to manually use the command line for this. There is a driver method called Admin.command in the docs but I don't know how that would work here. How do I automate configuring replica sets using the MongoDB JS driver?

I have a js script that initializes my database installation by creating the data folder and automatically setting up users for access control. I want it to also configure the replica set so the database is completely ready to use after running it. I'm using MongoDB 4.2.1 and driver version 3.3.

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The method rs.initiate can only be used in the MongoDB shell, for drivers you have to use Database Commands.

For example:

myMongoClientVariable.db("myDB").admin().command( { 
    replSetInitiate : {
        _id : "myReplicaSet",
        members : [
            {_id : 0, host : "host0"},
            {_id : 1, host : "host1"},
            {_id : 2, host : "host2"}
} );

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