This is my login.sql

SET sqlprompt "_user'@'_connect_identifier > "
SET sqlformat ansiconsole
SET serveroutput on
SET lines 3000

How to set the sqlprompt to color red for Prod (and green color for testing)?

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    set sqlprompt "@|red _USER|@@@|red _CONNECT_IDENTIFIER|@@|red >|@" – Kumar Nov 12 at 16:10
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    Check from ThatJeffSmith website,you can set color dynamically based on user or any other unique identifier(I didn't test though).Here is the link – Kumar Nov 12 at 16:41

From above link I created a Java Script in sqlcli bin directory(on windows 10)

C:\sqlcl-\sqlcl\bin>type PromptColor.js
//file name PromptColor.js save in sqlcli bin dir
//login sqlcli and run script PromptColor.js
var dbUser = util.executeReturnOneCol('select user from sys.dual');
if ( dbUser == 'HR' )
   sqlcl.setStmt('set sqlprompt "@|red _USER|@@@|red _CONNECT_IDENTIFIER|@@|red >|@"');
else if ( dbUser == 'SOE')
    sqlcl.setStmt('set sqlprompt "@|green _USER|@@@|green _CONNECT_IDENTIFIER|@@|green >|@"');

    sqlcl.setStmt('set sqlprompt "@|blue _USER|@@@|blue _CONNECT_IDENTIFIER|@@|blue >|@"');


login with default prompt

C:\sqlcl-\sqlcl\bin>sql soe/soe@localhost:1521/orclpdb.localdomain -- pdb database 

SQLcl: Release 19.2.1 Production on Tue Nov 12 12:17:13 2019

Copyright (c) 1982, 2019, Oracle.  All rights reserved.

Connected to:
Oracle Database 19c Enterprise Edition Release - Production
SQL>script PromptColor.js

enter image description here

Next is to figure how to call javascript from login.sql

Edit:- create a sql file with single line script PromptColor.js place in SQLPATH directory and add that sqlfile name in login.sql it automatically changes color based on user logged in

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