I have been facing an issue from last 5 or 6 months.
When we send a push notification using firebase to a topic All subscribed by all users.
Server doesn't respond to other MySQL queries.
I just noticed the database, which is around 2.4G in size, is using both type of storage engines: MyISAM and InnoB.
The API uses joins and like and where operations a lot.
After sending notification it doesn't respond to queries.
As I know InnoDB support row level locking which MyISAM supports table level locking.
So my guess is that other request are being queued until table is unlocked.
I want to know If I am correct or there is some other factor that I might be missing.
MySQL version is 5.6 There is no foreign key implemented. But indexing has been done. I also have other (3 or 4) mysql db backups nearly of same sizes OS is CentOS and 4CPU cores with 8G RAM

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