How to show that I've imposed limitations for queries per hour ?

Can't find anything online or notes. Would appreciate anybody's help on this.

  • What is your MySQL version please ? – Chaminda Bandara Nov 15 at 14:30
  • hi, its 8.0.16. thanks – Anderson Nov 15 at 15:07

MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual / ... / Setting Account Resource Limits (valid for 5.5+ at least).

The server stores resource limits for an account in the user table row corresponding to the account. The max_questions, max_updates, and max_connections columns store the per-hour limits, and the max_user_connections column stores the MAX_USER_CONNECTIONS limit.

SELECT CONCAT('\'', user, '\'', '@', '\'', host, '\'') account,
FROM mysql.user;
  • hi, sorry but i'm new to programming. do i copy this verbatim or – Anderson Nov 15 at 15:08

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