We have the following explanation in the documentation:

Back up the control file to a binary file (duplicate of existing control file) using the following statement:

ALTER DATABASE BACKUP CONTROLFILE TO '/oracle/backup/control.bkp';

My question is: why do I when modify control_files parameter to use the controlfile backed up with the alter database statement I need to do a recover the database and with cp command not? what is the difference between cp and the backup command?


If you just move/rename control files (cp, mv ...) and modify accordingly control_files parameter - no need to do any recovery.

You may use cp only when instance is down or in nomount state. Otherwise, you can get inconsistent control file. If we do:


then we make "old", "not current" controlfile - backup controlfile. With cp we make "current" copy of controlfile.

If we have current controlfile - no recovery is needed. When controlfile is a backup controlfile then it requires recover and open resetlogs.

Here's a link to documentation -- old, but explains the concepts well.

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