I'm a noob to Postgres, and am setting up a multi-tenant database using one schema per tenant.

To target each tenant I need to set search_path accordingly.

I'm worried about accidentally executing something intended for one tenant on another tenant, if the wrong search path is picked up somehow.

I will be executing Functions from .Net code (via NpgSql). The functions will reside in the public schema. Each function will have the search path set inside it, like so:

 PERFORM set_config('search_path', tenant, true);

Is there any danger, via concurrency or connection pooling, that the search paths for two calls might be shared, for instance if the 'true' parameter was forgotten or set to false.

I really want to be sure that there's no danger of data from one tenant crossing over in to another.

Thanks in advance.

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You should clean the state when you return a connection to the pool.

This is typically done with DISCARD ALL.

If all you need is to reset configuration parameters, you should use RESET ALL.

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