I have two SQL Server 2017 Standard Edition clusters, each in a different datacenter, only a pair of servers each.

I was able to configure and test the Windows Cluster, Quorum for it, AG, including failing over from primary to secondary, and created one listener for each.

How do you think I can replicate to second DC?

I can't upgrade to SQL Server Enterprise to use Distributed AG.

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Standard Edition availability groups are limited to one replica, which is clearly stated in the documentation at Basic Always On availability groups for a single database. So if you need to maintain a another copy, you'll need to use a different option.

Some possibilities are:

  • Log shipping
  • Replicate the entire server at the virtual server's host layer with something like Zerto
  • Replicate the storage at the storage layer
  • Replicate the database files with a third party product that performs host-level file replication (e.g., Carbonite Double-Take).

In addition to above post, you can also setup Transactional Replication (SQL Server feature) from Primary server at datacenter 1 to Primary server at datacenter 2

It is a bit cumbersome to configure and maintain, but still a viable option

Research shows that it should be possible to setup Transactional Replication from one AG Listener to another

How to set up a transactional replication to an Always On Availability Group (AG) with two replicas through connecting to the AG Listener

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