I am attempting to upgrade some old Crystal Reports...and there are many, many more that need this done; they stem from .rpt files and generate using an old SAP like program into email attachments as pdf files.

We'd like to switch to something a bit more modern, we have an SQL Server with SSRS on it.

I've also got a copy of Microsoft Visual Studio Pro 2019, and I've downloaded Microsoft SQL Server Report Builder 2014 as Microsoft SQL Server 2014 is our SQL Server version.

I've already gone about switching these queries over to another system, but I am a bit lost as to which Microsoft product I should be using to generate the reports moving forward and they all seem like they have a rather hefty learning curve, so if I'm going to pick a direction, I'd like it to be the best one. VS 2019 seems the least dated of said products and I believe that I need to use SQL Server Data Tools to do this.

Please offer me a recommendation on how to go about this as Microsoft has given me too many options, leaving me a bit unsure on how to proceed.