SQL Server 2019 is released but I there doesn't appear to be a LocalDB version available for download. Does anyone know if there will be a LocalDB release or if 2017 is the last version?


If somebody stumbles upon this, here is the full download URL for SQL Server 2019 LocalDB

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  • would be nice to have a link to a page to view the download but thanks for this – workabyte Jul 17 at 15:19

Strange, I am not seeing a separate URL for downloading it, but SQL Server Express LocalDB 2019 definitely exists as I have installed and used several CTP versions of it.

Until a specific download URL can be found for the MSI, at the very least it can be obtained in any of the existing installations, and there are two that are free: Developer Edition, and Expression Edition.

  • If you download the express edition, you might be able to select it as a specific feature to download individually, or I just download the full media.
  • Extract the SQLServer2019-x64_ENU-ExpAdv.exe file into the default location ( .\SQLServer2019-x64_ENU-ExpAdv == extract_root )
  • You can find the MSI in the following folder: {extract_root}\1033_ENU_LP\x64\Setup\x64

Please note: the "1033" in the file path is the language code (i.e. LCID), and 1033 = "en-US". If you are using a different locale / culture, it will be a different number.

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You can download various versions of localdb (incl. 2019) via https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/database-engine/configure-windows/sql-server-express-localdb The near the top of that page are to an thin installer, which allows direct installation, but also has a download media option, if you prefer.

Note that the installation for some weird reason doesn't actually upgrade your database instance, just the software. If you've ever used localdb before, you'll need to upgrade that too to use any of the new features; https://medium.com/cloudnimble/upgrade-visual-studio-2019s-localdb-to-sql-2019-da9da71c8ed6 has some instructions to delete/recreate your localdb instance that worked for me; in powershell:

sqllocaldb stop projectsv13
sqllocaldb delete projectsv13
sqllocaldb stop mssqllocaldb
sqllocaldb delete mssqllocaldb
sqllocaldb create MSSQLLocalDB
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