Is there a standard function in PostgreSQL (as of 12.x) to concatenate or merge many jsonb objects in a database column into a single jsonb object?

I know there is a the || operator since PostgreSQL 9.5 to merge two jsonb objects. But I need to merge many jsonb objects from a column. The linked documentation does not seem to have one unless I am missing something.


I had the same problem and this post solved it:


The idea is to create an aggregate:

CREATE AGGREGATE jsonb_object_agg(jsonb) (
  SFUNC = 'jsonb_concat',
  STYPE = jsonb,
  INITCOND = '{}'

See the linked article for more details.

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  • Using the name jsonb_object_agg is dangerous, because that's also the name of a built-in aggregate function – a_horse_with_no_name Nov 20 at 16:06

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