If local temp tables are only available to the current session, and sp_ExecuteSql creates a new session to execute the dynamic SQL string passed into it, how can that dynamic SQL query access a temp table created in the session that executes sp_ExecuteSql.

In other words, why does this work:

SELECT 1 AS TestColumn
INTO #TestTempTable



Temp Table Results from Dynamic SQL Select

My understanding for the reason why I can't do the opposite (create the temp table in Dynamic SQL and then access it outside the dynamic SQL query in the executing session) is because sp_ExecuteSql executes under a new session.

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From an answer by Remus Rusanu:

Dynamic SQL runs in the same session as the calling code. The issue is not session, but scope. Your dynamic SQL creates the temporary tables inside the sp_executesql call and thus the created #temp table is only visible within that sp_executesql call, as documented in MSDN:

You can validate that you are using the same session in the sp_executesql call by running:


Knowing that sp_executesql runs under a different scope but not a different session, adding information found in the docs on temporary tables:

Temporary tables are automatically dropped when they go out of scope, unless explicitly dropped by using DROP TABLE:

And that same source on the visibility of temporary tables:

Local temporary tables are visible only in the current session

These differences in scope vs. session explain why you are able to access the temporary table from the sp_executesql call but not the other way around.


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