I recently applied the latest SQL Server CUs (Cumulative updates) for their current SPs (Service Packs) on our SQL Servers. I'm getting the sense that I actually really need to update all of them to the latest SP + CU. For example, we have a 2014 SP2 server, which now has the latest CU for SP2 (SP2 CU18). Should I update it to the latest SP + CU (SP3 CU4)? Thanks, -Peter


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Should I update it to the latest SP + CU (SP3 CU4)?

When a new SQL Server service pack is released, Microsoft provides only 12 months of full support for the previous service pack.

Support is limited for older SPs:

For customers on supported products with service pack versions that have left full support, Microsoft offers commercially reasonable support as follows: Commercially reasonable support incidents will be provided through Microsoft Customer Service and Support and Microsoft managed support offerings (such as Premier Support). If the support incident requires escalation to development for further guidance, requires a nonsecurity update, or requires a security update, customers will be asked to upgrade to a fully supported service pack.

. . .

Microsoft recommends that you apply the latest Cumulative Update (or one released in the last one year) for the corresponding release. The support team might require you to apply a specific Cumulative Update that addresses a specific problem when troubleshooting an issue.


So cross-referencing the release history here, yes you should apply SQL Server 2014 SP3 CU4.

  • Excellent. Thank you, David. Apologies for the redundant post. My initial searching didn't surface the answer I was looking for. Apparently, I needed to look a little deeper. Commented Dec 22, 2019 at 15:51

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