For this PostgreSQL configuration example:


    local   replication   repmgr                              trust
    host    replication   repmgr            trust
    host    replication   repmgr          trust

    local   repmgr        repmgr                              trust
    host    repmgr        repmgr            trust
    host    repmgr        repmgr          trust

I have two questions.

Question 1

This is how a netmask looks for IPv4:

How to do with an IPv6 IP address like 230b:c010:103:5858:a6a3:3:0:1?

Question 2

If use JDBC to connect to a PostgreSQL server, I can use a connection URL containing How to do it with IPv6? Is it like 230b:c010:103:5858:a6a3:3:0:1:5432?

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Answer 1:

Like the documentation says:

An IPv6 address range might look like ::1/128 for a single host (in this case the IPv6 loopback address) or fe80::7a31:c1ff:0000:0000/96 for a small network. represents all IPv4 addresses, and ::0/0 represents all IPv6 addresses. To specify a single host, use a mask length of 32 for IPv4 or 128 for IPv6. In a network address, do not omit trailing zeroes.

Answer 2:

Like the documentation says:

  • host

The host name of the server. Defaults to localhost. To specify an IPv6 address your must enclose the host parameter with square brackets, for example:

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