create table soa_rawdata_lp
    date_created timestamp with time zone default now(),
    filename     varchar(128),
    xmldata      xml

Each xmldata entry is about 4.2MB size. Currently there are 500 records in the table.


    select  distinct x1.*
    from soa_rawdata_lp,
             XMLNAMESPACES('http://www.emeter.com/energyip/amiinterface' as x),
             '/x:MeterReadsReplyMessage/x:payload/x:MeterReading/x:IntervalBlock/x:IReading' passing xmldata
                mrid text path '../../x:Meter/x:mRID',
                end_time timestamptz path 'x:endTime',
                reading_type_id text path '../x:readingTypeId'

             ) as x1
    where mrid = '4012564103' and end_time = '2019-10-10 05:15:00'
    order by x1.mrid, x1.end_time;

### Explain analyze:

rawdata_db=> explain (analyze,buffers) select  distinct x1.*
rawdata_db-> from soa_rawdata_lp,
rawdata_db->      xmltable(
rawdata_db(>          XMLNAMESPACES('http://www.emeter.com/energyip/amiinterface' as x),
rawdata_db(>          '/x:MeterReadsReplyMessage/x:payload/x:MeterReading/x:IntervalBlock/x:I
Reading' passing xmldata
rawdata_db(>          columns
rawdata_db(>             mrid text path '../../x:Meter/x:mRID',
rawdata_db(>             end_time timestamptz path 'x:endTime',
rawdata_db(>             reading_type_id text path '../x:readingTypeId'
rawdata_db(>          ) as x1
rawdata_db-> where mrid = '4012564103'  and end_time = '2019-10-10 05:15:00'
rawdata_db-> order by x1.mrid, x1.end_time;
                                                               QUERY PLAN                     
 Sort  (cost=633.72..633.72 rows=1 width=72) (actual time=46923.953..46923.954 rows=16 loops=1)
   Sort Key: x1.end_time
   Sort Method: quicksort  Memory: 27kB
   Buffers: shared hit=19084
   ->  HashAggregate  (cost=633.70..633.71 rows=1 width=72) (actual time=46923.900..46923.904 rows=16 loops=1)
         Group Key: x1.mrid, x1.end_time, x1.reading_type_id
         Buffers: shared hit=19081
         ->  Nested Loop  (cost=0.00..630.03 rows=489 width=72) (actual time=8806.799..46923.853 rows=16 loops=1)
               Buffers: shared hit=19081
               ->  Seq Scan on soa_rawdata_lp  (cost=0.00..13.89 rows=489 width=18) (actual time=0.007..1.595 rows=500 loops=1)
                     Buffers: shared hit=9
               ->  Table Function Scan on "xmltable" x1  (cost=0.00..1.25 rows=1 width=72) (actual time=93.761..93.762 rows=0 loops=500)
                     Filter: (mrid = '4012564103'::text)
                     Rows Removed by Filter: 7975
                     Buffers: shared hit=19072
 Planning Time: 0.197 ms
 Execution Time: 46924.195 ms
(17 rows)


If I want to create index for the column mrid and end_time, what command should I input?

My target is to reduce the execution time to below 10 seconds. Besides creating an index, are there any other suggestion?

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