I'm having issues with one of our developers deploying reports to SSRS, they seem to be able to deploy datasets, however not reports themselves. As a temporary measure, we've granted all privileges e.g. Content Manager, Publisher etc. and also sysAdmin on SQL Server, yet they are not able to deploy reports. However, a developer with what appears to have the same permissions (sysAdmin and all privilleges in SSRS) can deploy without issue. The error message can be seen below:

"The permissions granted to user 'Domain\Username' are insufficient for performing this operation."
  • SA permission in SQL are not required to deploy a report in SSRS. Actually, only permission in SSRS would be required. I would check with that user how he connect to the report server (with which account). There is chances that he is not using the account to which you granted permission. You could also check the SSRS logs to see if there is any error that could give you a hint. – Dominique Boucher Jan 17 at 15:35

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