I need to log connections on MySQL on Windows.

When I google it, I saw some advice to use MariaDB server_audit plugin on MySQL. (for example: here)

So, I gave it a try, but I failed.

I copied the plugin to the "lib/plugin" directory and tried to load it from the "my.ini" file.

In the err file I can see the following:

[ERROR] Unknown variable type code 0x8200 in plugin 'SERVER_AUDIT'.
[ERROR] Bad options for plugin 'SERVER_AUDIT'.

When I tried to load it manually using the command `install plugin server_audit SONAME 'server_audit.dll' I've got:

Can't initialize function 'server_audit'; Plugin is disabled

I've tried on MySQL versions 5.5 and 5.7.

Does anyone know how to do it right?

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