We started to have an issue while uploading large files (> 6 MB) to an on-premise SharePoint 2016. The whole server stops responding once the file is uploaded to SharePoint (whether thru client application or directly thru SharePoint WebForms). The only way to recover is to restart the server (hard reset)!

We are unable to capture any logs from the server, as the OS immediately freezes. The OS is Windows Server 2012 and the SharePoint is installed as a single-server deployment.

Uploading small files (less than 6 MB) is working fine without any troubles.

The server is VM machine with 36 GB RAM and 12 CPUs, Windows Server 2012. We use VM-Ware to host the VM.

When it freezes, it's just the VM itself that freezes. Anti-virus is disabled on the VM. In the past, the issue used to occur only once a week or so, but the logs show that there's a latch delay issue with SQL server. We found the fix for that in SQL Server CU 10. We've installed CU 11, and immediately after that, the weird issue of freezing started (only when uploading large files)

Any clues?

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    what does SELECT @@VERSION; say? (add the answer to your question via the edit button) – Max Vernon Jan 21 at 15:43

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