I want to remove the 'field1' object pair from the JSON in postgres

Here is what I have tried so far,

  • updatedJson -> 0 ->> 'values' - '"field1"'
  • i tried using the #- Delete the field or element with specified path (for JSON arrays, negative integers count from the end)

Both steps didn't help me. I am new to Postgres. Is there any way like getting the path and deleting it. I am using jsonb. PostgreSQL version: 9.6. Kindly help


i tried using the #-

What specifically did you try?

Using #- works for me, specifically updatedJson #- '{0,values,0}'

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  • i dont know the index. how to calculate the index of the particular field. it may in any position @jjanes, – Kalaiarasan Manimaran Jan 24 at 8:45

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