Database Schema Review for CMS

I'm in the midst of creating a Laravel application that will (hopefully) rival WordPress. The thought process is quite similar. Developers are able to create resources (custom post types), modify users, & roles and add custom fields with flexible content (similar to that of Advanced Custom Fields).

As this is one of my first big builds I have a couple of questions regarding fields & categories:

Categories: A developer is able to add a resource (such as news, or posts) and each resource can have a category which is labelled and inputed into the category table. A category can belong to more than one resource. What I can't wrap my head around is how to separate these two tables (categories and category content), what might feature in a different table and what I might even name it!

Fields An administrator is able to create field groups that can belong to resources or pages. A field group would contain an array a fields, which would contain data such as type (rich text, name, required, conditional logic etc..). How would this data look in a schema? Would would be best practice?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm new to this world! Please feel free to provide any constructive criticism regarding this design.

The ERD Diagram can be found here - CMS - SqlDBM Link