I have tables like this

# Things

# ThingUser

I want to select all Things where user_id=123 OR it is related to user 123 through ThingUser.

I think maybe I'm close with something like this:

select * from things
  left outer join thing_users on things.id=thing_users.thing_id and thing_users.user_id = 123
    things.user_id = 123 OR
    thing_users.id IS NOT NULL

But on my very large dataset this hangs for several seconds and then I quit it.

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    "... this hangs for several seconds and then I quit it". Why did you quit it??? Don't you want the result? – Eric Feb 14 at 23:24
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    What's the point of LEFT JOIN if you put condition thing_users.id IS NOT NULL? Isn't it the same as just JOIN? – Eric Feb 14 at 23:25

I concluded that the only / most appropriate way to achieve this is simply with a UNION. These two queries unioned together:

  • where user_id=123
  • it is related to user 123 through ThingUser
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1) Use Test environment if you have one

2) Alter your query to give you back a smaller sample size to see if that's what you're looking for:

SELECT TOP 100 * from things
  INNER JOIN thing_users
 ON things.id=thing_users.id
  WHERE things.user_id = 123
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    TOP is only valid in SQL Server, not a standard SQL clause – ypercubeᵀᴹ Feb 15 at 8:01

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