I am configuring a test mongo setup with 2 shards, and I'm trying to add zone ranges to each shard:

sh.updateZoneKeyRange('mydb.test', {id:MinKey,ts:MinKey}, {id:MaxKey,ts:1548787704000}, 'cold')

sh.updateZoneKeyRange('mydb.test', {id:MinKey,ts:1548787704000}, {id:MaxKey,ts:MaxKey}, 'hot')

First command runs fine, but second tells me:

Zone range: { id: MinKey, ts: 1548787704000.0 } -->> { id: MaxKey, ts: MaxKey } on hot is overlapping with existing: { id: MinKey, ts: MinKey } -->> { id: MaxKey, ts: 1548787704000.0 } on cold

I thought the maximum bounds were exclusive and minimum bounds inclusive?

  • @WernfriedDomscheit your comment will probably discourage people from responding as they might think it was already answered somewhere else. Might be more useful to mark it as duplicate after someone answers as then people searching on either community can find what they're looking for. – Thiatt Jan 29 at 20:35
  • You can mark a question as duplicated only within one site (i.e. dba.stackexchange.com). People will click the link and answer one of them. – Wernfried Domscheit Jan 29 at 21:26

From what I can gather after some experiments, it seems that the prefix range is the one that must be split.

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