I have a mongodb 4.2 replica set running on 3 different VMs. Here are some parts of the server config:

  port: 27017
    mode: requireTLS
    disabledProtocols: TLS1_0,TLS1_1
    certificateKeyFile: /etc/not_telling.pem
    CAFile: /etc/mongodb-ca.pem
    allowConnectionsWithoutCertificates: true

    keyFile: /etc/mongod.key

The replica set works properly, all members are connected. I can also connect to any member of the replica set using the mongodb shell, with this command line:

mongo --tls --tlsCAFile /etc/mongodb-ca.pem --host srv02.example.com -u root -p

When I try to connect from Robo3T (from a windows OS), very strange thing happens. This is what I see in the primary member's server logs:

2020-02-01T19:14:52.552+0100 I  NETWORK  [listener] connection accepted from #32 (16 connections now open)
2020-02-01T19:14:52.605+0100 W  NETWORK  [conn32] no SSL certificate provided by peer
2020-02-01T19:14:52.649+0100 I  NETWORK  [conn32] received client metadata from conn32: { application: { name: "MongoDB Shell" }, driver: { name: "MongoDB Internal Client", version: "4.0.5-17-gd808df2233" }, os: { type: "Windows", name: "Microsoft Windows 8", architecture: "x86_64", version: "6.2 (build 9200)" } }
2020-02-01T19:14:52.838+0100 I  ACCESS   [conn32] Successfully authenticated as principal root on admin from client

And this is what Robo3T gives me:

Cannot connect to replica set "example"[srv01.example.com:27017], Set's primary is unreachable

In other words, the server says the client was successfully authenticated. But the client says that it could not connect to the server.

How is that possible?

Even more strangely, I can connect to the same replica set (from the same windows OS) with mongodb compass community edition.

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    If Robo3T is the only client that can't connect, that suggests there is a likely a bug in Robo3T. Robo3T isn't very actively updated at the moment but make sure you are using the latest release (currently 1.3 from April 2019). You could try reporting your issue on GitHub but my recommended solution would be to use a more actively updated client. – Stennie Feb 1 at 22:52

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