I have two servers, both has a sql server . Let's say srv1 has a sql-srv1 and srv2 with a sql-srv2 , i want to get some informations within sql-srv2 but making requests from sql-srv1.

my project is to create a script which could export data within sql-srv2 , in creating a bat files and to execute the script every day with task scheduler but first of all i have to connect the 2 sql-server and i don't know guys how to connect it, i'm a beginner. I just want to create a script like

sqlcmd -S . -d demo -E -s";" -w 700 -Q "select * from etudiant" > C:\troisiemetest%date%.csv

which can run everyday on the 2 sql servers linked. Thank you

  • Seems like a perfect use for an SSIS package executed from an SQL Agent job ;) Maybe you want to have a look at this as it seems to me like a better approch then a batch file that connect to SQL using SQLCMD Feb 6, 2020 at 15:41
  • Why the mysql tag if you are only using SQL Server?
    – user1822
    Feb 6, 2020 at 16:35
  • So is this MySQL or SQL Server??? They're 2 completely different products. Please tag properly.
    – Eric
    Feb 6, 2020 at 16:42
  • @Eric SQL server , sorry Feb 7, 2020 at 11:11

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Welcome to the group....You can also use linked server, below link could help you


As per the comments, adding the details from the thread mentioned

Querying across 2 different databases is a distributed query. Here is a list of some techniques plus the pros and cons:

Linked servers: Provide access to a wider variety of data sources than SQL Server replication provides

Linked servers: Connect with data sources that replication does not support or which require ad hoc access

Linked servers: Perform better than OPENDATASOURCE or OPENROWSET

OPENDATASOURCE and OPENROWSET functions: Convenient for retrieving data from data sources on an ad hoc basis. OPENROWSET has BULK facilities as well that may/may not require a format file which might be fiddly

OPENQUERY: Doesn't support variables All are T-SQL solutions. Relatively easy to implement and set up All are dependent on connection between source and destionation which might affect performance and scalability

Follow these steps to create a Linked Server: 1. Server Objects -> Linked Servers -> New Linked Server 2. Provide Remote Server Name. 3. Select Remote Server Type (SQL Server or Other). 4. Select Security -> Be made using this security context and provide login and password of remote server.

  • is it necessary that the ip class of the two servers is the same ? the first server ip is like 170.20.x..x and the second 192.168.x.x . is the connexion possible between them ? Feb 7, 2020 at 5:26

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