ID Address Location Country
1   NULL     Region1  Austrailia
2   NULL     Region2  Antartica
3   NULL    Region3   Egypt

ID  Address        Name
1   test avenue    james
2   test avenue 2  jessica
3   test avenue 3  joshua

I am working on a query to migrate data Address data from Database 1, TableB to Database 2 TableA. So far I have tried to do the query below however that only inserts one record for the entire database, I want to insert each new sequential address into TableA as it appears in TableB.

UPDATE [dbo].[TableA]
SET [dbo].[TableA].[Address]= Table2.ID
        FROM [TableB]) AS Table2
WHERE [dbo].[TableA].[ID] <= 1449

This results in all records only having the first ID which is 1, so all the rows in TableA are Address = 1, instead of 1,2,3 etc. I think I am close but not quite sure what I am missing

Desired Result

    ID Address Location Country
    1   1        Region1  Austrailia
    2   2        Region2  Antartica
    3   3        Region3   Egypt
  • Do you mean, for each ID on table A add all addresses of table B? Or TableA.ID = TableB.ID? – McNets Feb 6 '20 at 21:39
  • @McNets For each ID of TableB, add TableB.ID into TableA.Address – kabuto178 Feb 6 '20 at 21:42
  • Please, could you add the desired result of your sample data? – McNets Feb 6 '20 at 21:43
  • @McNets edited question with desired result, so populate TableA with the ID's of TableB – kabuto178 Feb 6 '20 at 21:51
  • Are you sure updating ID is a good idea? – Eric Feb 6 '20 at 22:28

You can try this

SET a.Address = b.ID
FROM TableA a
JOIN TableB b ON b.ID = a.ID
WHERE a.ID <= 1449
  • I tried this, sadly it has no effect on the data in the column I want to update. – kabuto178 Feb 7 '20 at 2:13
  • Not sure if the JOIN is what is causing the problem being that both tables have nothing really to join on, perhaps – kabuto178 Feb 7 '20 at 2:14
  • If there's nothing to join on, how do you know which row is assigned to which row on the other table? – Eric Feb 7 '20 at 17:03
  • Based on your sample data, my code will work fine. – Eric Feb 7 '20 at 17:05
  • Well the ID's that I want to copy over are sequential, so for example 1,2,3,4,5.... etc. I just want to use the numbers that exists in TableB to populate the Address column in tableA – kabuto178 Feb 7 '20 at 20:28

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