I'm about to commit to EssentialPIM for all of my personal information management. It uses Firebird, and I was debating on whether to (i) spin up on Firebird or (ii) spin up on MySQL (and find a way to migrate between the two RDMSs).

For option (i), I haven't been able to find online examples of what a session looks like from built-in client of the Embedded Server configuration. In particular, the kind of SQL that is used. Can someone please point to an online example of this SQL?

For option (ii), I haven't been able to find examples of what the sQL output of FBExport looks like. That determines how much code surgery is needed to make the exported SQL ingestible by MySQL. Can someone please point to an online example of this SQL as well? (For the import direction, the only option that has been suggested to me is Clever Components's Interbase DataPump, but I'm open to suggestions that are simpler e.g., by not needing ODBC.)

  • Firebird is a very competent database and more SQL standards compliant than MySQL (which database isn't?) and derivatives! It's SQL is more or less what the standard says - if you have a particular issue you can't solve using "normal" SQL, you can always ask here or on the Firebird mailing lists (good community!). I searched and it doesn't appear to me that EssentialPIM can use MariaDB instead of Firebird - why load your data into MariaDB - are you going to "roll your own" appointment manager? BTW, I'm fairly sure that it's not rocket science to change an FB script into a MariaDB one! – Vérace Feb 10 at 6:34
  • I considered MariaDB because going with a tool that has broad and active usage & support has long term benefits. The actual SQL is a drop in the bucket as far as getting to know the tool and how to interface with other environments, so I want to focus on one. If I went with MariaDB, it would require data migration, which is a strike against that option -- I'm trying to determine whether it is a deal breaker. I know that SQL dumps are extremely time consuming and tedious to convert over for another environment. It is not rocket science, but neither is it anywhere near generic. – user2153235 Feb 10 at 13:18
  • Based on my brief stint (microscopic, really) with MySQL, getting it up and running seems a lot easier than what I've read in FB documentation. It might be due to the large user base, leading to more readily available canned and minimal setup procedures and scripts. BTW, regarding rolling my own appointment manager, I was more worried about accessing my PIM data, flexible search and manipulation. I'm not a developer! (And it shows, I'm sure). In past, I would consider it ideal for EssentialPIM to export to *.pst, as I know my way around Outlook. Note helpful, however, if I don't have Outlook – user2153235 Feb 10 at 13:23
  • I would say that Firebird is easier to install from source! But certainly, you'll find it easier to get help here for MySQL (just do a count of tags!). The free version of IBExpert is good enough to do quite a bit. I still stand by my statement that it wouldn't be a huge amount of work to change a script from Firebird to MariaDB. – Vérace Feb 10 at 14:09
  • The SQL of Firebird is documented in the Firebird 2.5 Language Reference. It is unclear to me what you are really asking though... – Mark Rotteveel Feb 10 at 16:18