I am currently working on a database in which record already exsist but i need to add more information to that same record. I am a total noob and have googled and read but are confused. Any help would be great. Its a mysql db and I am using php to work with it.

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    UPDATE Statement – Akina Feb 10 at 7:54
  • Or maybe ALTER TABLE. – Michael Green Feb 10 at 11:06
  • Give us the output of SHOW CREATE TABLE foo\G. Show us a sample few records SELECT * FROM foo LIMIT 5; and show us what data you want to add - i.e. how you would like the record to look after the process - you could use a fiddle. There are a few articles on how to ask questions here on my profile - you might want to take a look? p.s. welcome to the forum! :-) – Vérace Feb 10 at 12:30
  • A database table is a 'matrix' of "rows" (sometimes called "record") and "columns" (sometimes called "field"). Each "cell" can have one value; you cannot "add more information to a row or cell. You can UPDATE a row to change a cell. Maybe that would suffice? You can add a new row; it is clumsy and frowned on to add a new column to a table. – Rick James 2 days ago

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