I have two servers on the same cluster, in fact my goal is to set up "high availability", but the databases that I have integrated are not synchronized, so I think it is " mirroring "that I created but the port on which the two servers is not the same, I have a 1433 on the other and a 5022 on the other. what should i do ?

  • 1433 is the default port used by SQL Server's client connection TCP endpoint, and 5022 is the default port used by SQL Server's mirroring/Always On endpoint. Can you provide more information about how you configured mirroring, what version you're running and what your actual problem is? – HandyD Feb 12 '20 at 5:09

Just specify the port when you set it up

ALTER DATABASE <DBNAME> SET PARTNER = 'TCP://<ServerName>.<Domain>.com:5022'

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