Is it possible to select different fields inside a SELECT conditionally?


  IF(signal_field == 1)
     firstname as first,
     lastname as last
     concat(firstname + lastname) as firstlast
  FROM mytable;
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    you can select different fields but you can't select different number of fields, you can use stored procedure with dynamic sql code of run different selects based on input conditions – Nikita Feb 12 at 11:41
  • The output recordset structure in a view must be static (definite, deterministic). The number of fields and their types cannot be altered. – Akina Feb 12 at 12:05
  • @Akina, yes, there is a mistype in my comment - "dynamic sql code OR run different selects" .. based on flow control :) I propose to use one of these solutions. Dynamic SQL may be easier if you have many parameters. – Nikita Feb 12 at 12:27
  id,(CASE WHEN signal_field =1 THEN firstname END) as first,
     (CASE WHEN signal_field =1 THEN lastname  END) lastname as last,
     (CASE WHEN signal_field!=1 THEN concat(firstname,lastname) END) as firstlast
FROM mytable;
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