I can't formulate my question, so I will try to explain here and hopefully change the title later on.

I have a table

Organisations (

Here is the tricky part: organisation.id represents a number for said organisation, but the same goes for the parent_id, it is basically another organisation. platform_id is either 1 or 2.

Now what I'm trying to do is to select all organisations where the parent_id is not null, but also where platform_id of the two organizations represented by organisation.id and organisation.parent_id is different.

How can I structure it, so that I can use the parent_id to search it as normal id, so that I can get its platform_id as well?

I will try to explain better and shorter perhaps:

I want to be able to filter those organisations, whose parent_id have different platform_ids, for that I would need to perhaps do a second select somehow...

sorry it got even more confusing.

This is the same table, parent_id is just another id that is linked to it, so that means that I can somehow access parent.id as normal id and get its platform_id...

In short, I want to list all IDs, that have parent_ids where the platform_id is different than the parents_id's platform_id, however I don't know how to get the 'parents_id'splatform_id`.

  • So I have select o.id, o.name, o.parent_id, o.platform_id from organization o where o.parent_id is not null and I also want, to somehow get the parent_id and search it a second time as if it is the o.id , so that I can also get its parent_id. – Ruthock Feb 13 at 13:31
  • 1
    the word you're looking for is "self-join" – mustaccio Feb 13 at 13:48
FROM Organisation t1
JOIN Organisation t2 ON t1.id = t2.parent_id
                    AND t1.platform_id != t2.platform_id;
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  • Thank you! can you also guide me to where I can clarify a where t1.parent_id is not null – Ruthock Feb 13 at 13:52
  • @Ruthock Inner join with t1.id = t2.parent_id do not allow NULLs. – Akina Feb 13 at 13:54
  • This indeed selects the parent, can I somehow include in the select the ID of the child organisation? – Ruthock Feb 13 at 14:11
  • t2.id listed the desired child organisation! Many thanks guys, solved! – Ruthock Feb 13 at 14:12

As you have made abundantly and redundantly clear, you want to find all organizations where the organization referenced by parent_id has a different platform_id.

Translating that into SQL, you get a EXISTS condition:

FROM organisations o
              FROM organisations op
              WHERE o.parent_id = op.id
                AND o.platform_id <> op.platform_id);

You could also write it as a self join:

FROM organisations o
   JOIN organisations op
      ON o.parent_id = op.id
WHERE o.platform_id <> op.platform_id;

See what performs best.

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  • Thank you, both work while the second version allows me to select information for the parents. – Ruthock Feb 13 at 14:23

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