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(SELECT tr.rec as 'RRef', id.item as Product, tr.qty as 'In', '0' as 'Out', 
    rm.daterec as 'DATE' 
    FROM details as id 
    INNER JOIN receive AS tr ON tr.recdes = id.item 
    INNER JOIN receivedmain AS rm ON rm.rec = tr.rec
    WHERE rm.daterec BETWEEN '2020/01/01' and '2020/02/13')
union all
    (SELECT tst.transno as 'TReference', i.item as Product, '0' as 'In', 
     tst.fld_qty as 'Transfer Qty', tmt.fld_transdate as 'DATE' 
     FROM itemdetails as i 
     LEFT JOIN subtransfer AS tst ON tst.name = i.item 
     LEFT join maintransfer as tmt on tmt.transno = tst.transno 
     WHERE tmt.transdate between '2020/01/01' and '2020/02/13' and 
     (tmt.status = 4 or tmt.status = 5)) order by DATE
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  • Unclear. Does you want to combine 2 output records (onу from each subquery) into one? if so specify the fields which have the same value and may be combined. – Akina Feb 14 at 6:43
  • I've had add photo of the sample results of my posted sql syntax. what happening is when i sort in 'DATE' it's sorting by individual select statements not the whole result. – user201105 Feb 14 at 6:48
  • What are datatypes for receivedmain.daterec and maintransfer.fld_transdate??? It seems they are of string type - you must convert them into DATE datatype before sorting. – Akina Feb 14 at 6:52
  • I knew it! thank you Akina. Maybe I need to take some rest for being so analytic that didn't saw simple problem like this. the problem is in the tmt.transdate it's a varchar data type. – user201105 Feb 14 at 7:03
  • I see you use date literals like '2020/02/13' whereas MySQL uses '2020-02-13' format for date literals. This may cause implicit convertion into VARCHAR. Use correct literal format. – Akina Feb 14 at 7:10

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