When I execute the below query in mongodb shell, it gives me the number of records updated after the mentioned timestamp.


I wish to execute a similar query with mongodump command. Below is how I'm trying to do it.

{ "ts" : { "$gt" : Timestamp(1582823397,2) } }

mongodump -h -d local -c oplog.rs --queryFile=query.json -o - > D:/MongoDB/Backup/1582823

The above command doesn't work and throws the below mentioned error.

Failed: error parsing query as Extended JSON: invalid JSON input. Position: 19. Character: T

Which seems valid as the query.json doesn't follow the JSON rules.

If I change the query.json file as below.


The query doesn't return any records.

All of the above is a part of a shell script that is supposed to give me incremental dumps.

Reference of the script is taken from here. Referred this question as well.

I'm open to any other suggestions of getting incremental backups of MongoDB.

Adding in response to Wernfried's comment.

    "ts" : Timestamp(1582823446, 1),
    "t" : NumberLong(4),
    "h" : NumberLong(0),
    "v" : 2,
    "op" : "i",
    "ns" : "uis.healthCheck",
    "ui" : UUID("60d2d4de-48a3-46ec-a948-6fcb676ba52f"),
    "wall" : ISODate("2020-02-27T17:10:46.010Z"),
    "o" : {
        "_id" : 2,
        "status" : "Success2"
  • In order to create a oplog dump you may use the --oplog option. Feb 28, 2020 at 12:00
  • 1
    MongoDB Extended JSON format is like this: {"$timestamp":{"t":1565545664,"i":1}} Feb 28, 2020 at 12:06
  • @RahulParyani, What is the MongoDB version(x,y,z)? Mar 2, 2020 at 4:20
  • @MdHaidarAliKhan MongoDB version is 4.2.2... Additionally, I have this setup on Windows Server 2012 Mar 2, 2020 at 9:44
  • @WernfriedDomscheit I have added the way document is stored oplog.rs collection. I have no idea how to apply the suggestion given by you. Once again, I need a query that returns records greater than a specific timestamp from oplog.rs... Thanks Mar 2, 2020 at 9:53

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I was able to achieve what I wanted by the suggestions given in the comments by @WernfriedDomscheit and @prasad_

Now my mongodump command is as below

mongodump -h -d local -c oplog.rs --query "{\"ts\":{\"\$gt\":{\"\$timestamp\":{\"t\":${TIMESTAMP_LAST_OPLOG_ENTRY},\"i\":${INC_NUMBER_LAST_OPLOG_ENTRY}}}}}" -o - > ${OUTPUT_DIRECTORY}/${TIMESTAMP_LAST_OPLOG_ENTRY}_${INC_NUMBER_LAST_OPLOG_ENTRY}_oplog.bson 2>> "$LOG_FILE"

"TIMESTAMP_LAST_OPLOG_ENTRY" and "INC_NUMBER_LAST_OPLOG_ENTRY" are being fetched from the previous '.bson' file.

Thanks, Rahul Paryani


--query "{ "startTime":{ "$gte": { "$date": "2020-02-14T04:07:34Z" } } }"

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