I'm using RDS Aurora (MySQL 5.6)

By default Auto Commit flag is enabled. I have a transaction as follows


I'm expecting both the Inserts to be commited only when COMMIT is executed. But Statement 1 is Commiting as soon as it got executed.

So I wanted to know What does BEGIN do here ??

I was assuming that BEGIN does the task of disabling Auto Commit , Can someone also explain the difference between BEGIN and START TRANSACTION as well.

  • BEGIN starts code block. It is not relative to transactions. The only purpose of a BEGIN-END block (in addition to code structuring) is to create an existence/visibility area for the structures defined in it (variables, handlers, etc.).
    – Akina
    Mar 4, 2020 at 13:12

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The manual has this to say:

BEGIN and BEGIN WORK are supported as aliases of START TRANSACTION for initiating a transaction. START TRANSACTION is standard SQL syntax, is the recommended way to start an ad-hoc transaction, and permits modifiers that BEGIN does not.

The BEGIN statement differs from the use of the BEGIN keyword that starts a BEGIN ... END compound statement. The latter does not begin a transaction. See Section 13.6.1, “BEGIN ... END Compound Statement”.

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