jiradb = host= port=5432 dbname=jiradb

listen_port = 6432
listen_addr =
auth_type = md5
auth_file = userlist.txt
logfile = pgbouncer.log
pidfile = pgbouncer.pid
admin_users = postgres


"postgres" "postgres1"

It can be connected by psql:

psql -p 6432 -h -U postgres jiradb
(Prompt password: postgres1)

But try connect from application:

Jira dbconfig.xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    <validation-query>select 1</validation-query>

When restart Jira, the database can't be connected again:

Database: JIRA couldn't connect to your database

JIRA failed to establish a connection to your database.
This could be because:

    Your database isn't running
    The configuration of your dbconfig.xml file is incorrect (user, password, or database URL etc.)
    There is a network issue between JIRA and your database (e.g. firewall, database doesn't allow remote access etc.)

I am testing it in one server. Jira is installed at jira user. pgBouncer is running under postgres user.


This works:

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