I have two users [UserA, UserB] -- UserA is an existing user. I just created UserB and gave it GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES.

But when I try to see privileges by doing

select * from information_schema.role_table_grants

UserA sees a lot more rows than UserB in the public schema.

For example

  1. UserA can see all the rows with grantee in "admin_group", but UserB can't.
  2. UserA and UserB can see all the rows with grantee in "user_group".

This is confusing because I did not do anything special to "user_group" (that I know of). What additional permission do I have to give to UserB so it can see all rows in information_schema.role_table_grants.

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One possible cause is that UserA belongs to "admin_group" and that UserB does not belong to "admin_group". Please post output of following statements run by a superuser from psql CLI:

\du userA
\du userB
select * from information_schema.role_table_grants where grantee='user_group';
select * from information_schema.role_table_grants where grantee='admin_group';
  • You got it! Thanks. UserA was in a superuser group that had access to all other groups. UserB was not. But this answer confuses me even more. This role_table_grants table seems pointless to me. If UserB has access to GRANT privileges on a schema to any role, but can't actually see privileges already granted to all roles, then what's the point. This means there could potentially be a ton of duplicate grants because UserB doesn't know about UserA grants.
    – vinhboy
    Mar 6, 2020 at 18:25

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