To remove duplicated rows from Oracle, I tend to use the following:

DELETE FROM your_table
WHERE rowid not in
(SELECT MIN(rowid)
FROM your_table
GROUP BY column1, column2, column3);

(taken from SO)

However, I'd like to remove the same rows in a slightly different scenario. Image there is a table with rows: name, surname. Duplicate row is when

  1. name is the same, and
  2. surname is the same, or starts with + (plus sign) and then is the same.

For example, the following is to be considered the same:

name: John, surname Doe

name: John, surname +Doe

How do I remove those duplicated rows?

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WITH cte AS(
SELECT rowid, name, 
CASE WHEN surname NOT LIKE '+%'
THEN '+' + surname
ELSE surname
END AS surname
FROM your_table)

DELETE FROM your_table
(SELECT MIN(rowid)
 FROM cte
 GROUP BY name, surname

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