What would be equivalent flux query for SELECT address, name FROM addresses ? (I am referring to FluxQL, the new query language developed by InfluxData)

I didn't find a clear answer to this in the limited Flux Documentation present. Flux documentation says that filter() function is the equivalent of both SELECT and WHERE clauses, but all examples given are equivalent of WHERE clauses, nothing on SELECT.

Edit: An answer posted below gives the equivalent query in InfluxQL, which is not what I am asking for. Yeah I know, FluxQL, InfluxQL, it can get confusing.

These are the documentation for FluxQL for better reference:



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See Writing and Exploring Data as part of the Getting Started documentation.

> SELECT "address", "name" FROM "addresses"
name: addresses
time                              address            name
2020-03-09T07:51:07.580664347Z    123 fake street    Billy Bob


Abel Nightroad has posted a great answer to this, which you can find here: https://stackoverflow.com/a/60614957/4661264

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