I have installed a brand new SQL 2017 Enterprise instance on a Windows 2019 Datacentre VM.

I have then installed SQL Server Reporting Services via the command line (/quiet, /norestart, etc) and all has installed fine.

I am able to use rsconfigtool.exe to manually create the ReportServer and ReportServerTemp databases via the GUI, but I would like to be able to complete this task via automation (if possibly silently and via the command line).

I would like to have the ReportServer and ReportServerTemp databases installed on the instance I have created and not a new SSRS instance.

rsconfigtool.exe does not appear to except any parameters in order to make this change.

Any advice/help would be gratefully received.

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Rather than using the rsconfigtool.exe Gui application you can use rsconfig.exe from the command line. It is located in the same Shared Tools directory. rsconfig.exe /? allows you to see the available command line arguments.

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