crsctl status output is showing incorrect information for ora.***.db. Instance 1 and 2 are running on Node1 and Node2 respectively but crsctl status shows as below

As we can see below, its showing Instance 1 is running on Node2 and Instance 2 is running on Node1.

      1        ONLINE  ONLINE       node02                 Open,HOME=/u01/app
      2        ONLINE  ONLINE       node01                 Open,HOME=/u01/app

When we see srvctl status for database, it shows as below :

[oracle@node01 ~]$ srvctl status database -d stgcdb
Instance stgcdb1 is running on node node01
Instance stgcdb2 is running on node node02
[oracle@node01 ~]$

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With a valid support contract, you can check this: Database Instance Resources Sequence in "crsctl stat res -t" Output Mismatches With Output of "olsnodes -n" (Doc ID 1580894.1)

The node ordering is not guaranteed to be same as instance number ordering. CRSCTL output in sorted order is not guaranteed.


This is expected behavior.

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