I have seen that for Sql Server, there is a developer license that is free. Apparently it can be used for every environment that is for development or testing but not for production environment or for use with production data.

What I want to know is what license I would need as a freelance developer to be able to use Sql Server Management Studio to connect to a production server (as well as dev/test servers of course) of my client. My client would be the one needing the standard or enterprise license for their production server but what about me as a developer? What license do I need and for which price? Or, if the license is expensive, what software could I use that is free and performs the same (globally) functionalities as Sql Server Management Studio?

Also, comparatively, what are the software used for Oracle databases and what are the required licenses (and their prices)?

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    No license is required for SQL Server Management Studio. – Tony Hinkle yesterday
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    I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because licensing questions are explicitly so. – mustaccio yesterday
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    SSMS and Azure Data Studio client tools are free and can be used against dev or production database. – Dan Guzman yesterday