I have SQL Server instance that has more than 40 databases and I want to make mirroring to another instance server.

But when I read about mirroring I find this restriction:

On a 32-bit system, database mirroring can support a maximum of about 10 databases per server instance because of the numbers of worker threads that are consumed by each database mirroring session, for 64-Bit Operating system you can mirror more than 10 databases depending on the number of processors and worker threads.


How can I make mirroring for all my databases? Or, what I need as a servers equipment to make mirroring for all my 40+ databases?


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Database Mirroring is a legacy technology that has been superseded by AlwaysOn Availability Groups

Maximum number of availability groups and availability databases per computer:

The actual number of databases and availability groups you can put on a computer (VM or physical) depends on the hardware and workload, but there is no enforced limit. Microsoft has tested up to 10 AGs and 100 DBs per physical machine, however this is not a binding limit. Depending on the hardware specification on the server and the workload, you can put a higher number of databases and availability groups on an instance of SQL Server.

Prerequisites, Restrictions, and Recommendations for Always On availability groups

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