I'm a developer learning Postgresql and I'd like to know more about backups.
As long-time Sql Server user, I understand backup and restore usually is done on a database level.
So far every tool I see for Postresql (except pg_dump) - barman, wal-e, wal-g, pgbackrest, etc. - seems to work cluster-wide. How does that work?
If I have 20 databases inside my cluster and I deployed an application with a bug, how do I restore just that one broken DB? Is that possible?

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Except pg_dump which a logical backup tool, all other tools are physical backup tools and copy all database files from the cluster and transaction logs (WAL). AFAIK currently there is no way to make a physical backup of a single database.

If you need to restore one single database from a physical backup you need to restore the whole cluster-wide backup to a temporary instance and use pg_dump/pg_restore to restore the single database from the temporary cluster into the original cluster.


There's a third-party free tool (albeit from company that contributes to Postgres) named pg_probackup that allows to restore specific databases from the cluster.
As I understand it, the backup operation still works on cluster level. I should check that out

  • Any news ? Does this tool allow to restore a single DB without touching other ?
    – emoxam
    Feb 14, 2022 at 8:39
  • @emoxam I haven't got around to testing it, sorry
    – chester89
    Feb 15, 2022 at 7:04

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