I'm trying to query one the source instance and copy across any missing jobs into the destination instance. Everything seems to work except passing the name into -job. Can anyone suggest a fix or point me in the right direction?

$dest = "Dest\Instance"
$Source = "Source\Instance"
$MissingJob = Invoke-DbaQuery -SqlInstance $Source -ReadOnly -Query "
use msdb

select name
from dbo.sysjobs
where name COLLATE Latin1_General_CI_AS not in (select name
from [Dest\Instance].[msdb].[dbo].[sysjobs]

foreach ($Name in $MissingJob){
Copy-DbaAgentJob -Source NCCSQLDEVW2K162\NCCSQL2017DBA01 -Destination $dest 
-Job $Name -SourceSqlCredential $cred -Force 

No need to reinvent the wheel with the linked server query. dbatools also provides the Get-DbaAgentJob function to enumerate jobs on both agents. As well, the $Job parameter accepts an array as input, meaning you don't need the for-loop. Assuming the job name is the keying attribute as in your sample, you could try something like the following.

$sourceJobs = Get-DbaAgentJob -SqlInstance '[Source\Instance]'
$destJobs   = Get-DbaAgentJob -SqlInstance '[Dest\Instance]'

$missingJobs = $sourceJobs | Where {
    $_.Name -notin $destJobs.Name

Copy-DbaAgentJob `
    -Source '[Source\Instance]' `
    -Destination '[Dest\Instance]' `
    -Job $missingJobs

Although strictly speaking, Copy-DbaAgentJob already checks for duplicates, so you could slim it down even further by just omitting the -Job parameter entirely and just run something like...

Copy-DbaAgentJob `
    -Source '[Source\Instance]' `
    -Destination '[Dest\Instance]' `

...which will show you which jobs were skipped because they already exist.

powershell session showing Copy-DbaAgentJob output

  • thanks man, it was just my lack experience with powershell and dbtools. So I kind of fudging it. But that works way better thank you so much :-) Apr 8 '20 at 11:16
  • 2
    🙂 i recommend the dbatools slack channel as well for a really helpful positive place to ask questions about the module day-to-day Apr 8 '20 at 11:50
  • Cheers mate i will Apr 9 '20 at 7:32

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