I came across with a strange issue in postgres. I have two databases create in two different periods. Both are running in the same PostrgreSql 9.6 version in the same machine. When I run the query SELECT now() + 30 in database 1 -> Its working properly. The same query I am copy paste in the second database, its giving error: operator does not exist: timestamp with time zone + integer in PostgreSql

Can some one guide me on this.

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Maybe someone created the operator with those types in one database, but not in the other one.

create function addit(timestamptz,int) returns timestamptz immutable language sql as $$ 
    select $1+ interval '1 day'*$2 
create operator + (leftarg =timestamptz, rightarg =int, procedure=addit);
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  • Thanks @jjanes. But while running the above code in the database, I am getting the below error: " WARNING: operator attribute "function" not recognized ERROR: operator procedure must be specified ********** Error ********** " – Sajeev Apr 8 at 21:37
  • Sorry, in 9.6 it must be spelled 'procedure'. 'function' wasn't added as a synonym for that until 11. – jjanes Apr 8 at 22:08
  • the query executed very well, Thanks. Can we get the return format as date(yyyy-MM-dd). Now it is returning the result as timestamp with time zone. – Sajeev Apr 12 at 4:45

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