Im preparing a shell script to generate analyze command and all the commands will go to a variable.

echo $analyze_query

analyze tbl1;
analyze tbl2;
analyze tbl3;

Now I want to run one by one, and Im able to achieve that by using the below command.

for $i in $analyze_query
psql -h host -U user -d db -c"$i"

But this query will close and open a new connection for every command, Is there any way that I can run the one by one but in one session?

  • You can use bash co-processes, but that is rather complicated (here is an example). I see no benefit in running those commands in a single transaction; why would you want to do that? Apr 14 '20 at 6:41

Yes, we can do it.

  1. echo the variable and then pipe it to psql.

echo "$analyze_query" | psql -h host -U user -d db

  1. Use () to group the command output then pipe it to psql.

(for i in $analyze_query do echo $i done ) | psql -h host -U user -d db

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