SQL Server 2019 CTP introduced a new feature – accelerated database recovery. But then something strange started to happen:

  • If we look at doc page about this feature, we would see no mention of SQL Server 2019 – there’s Azure DB only.
  • If we look at sys.databases description, we would see no mention of is_accelerated_database_recovery_on column, while in fact, it exists
  • Same thing about accelerated_database_recovery database option.
  • However, feature matrix shows ADR available for Standard and Enterprise SQL Server editions.

On the one hand, enabling ADR could benefit with faster transaction rollback and lesser startup time.

On the other hand, feature seems undocumented. Therefore, it’s behavior is unpredictable. If something goes wrong with transaction log, I could literally lose some data.

So, does anybody knows: can I rely on ADR using SQL Server 2019? Is it postponed due to some instability or it is just a glitch in documentation?


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The documentation page link in your question is specific to Azure SQL Database. Note Azure in the url:


The Accelerated database recovery page in the general documentation shows ADR is included in SQL 2019 and Azure SQL Database.

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