Has anyone a solution for this issue (tested on postgres v12)

I would like to use the psql variable option in conjunction with command like this:

psql -v env=test -c "SELECT :'env';"

but this will fail

on the contrary this one won't echo "SELECT :'env';" |psql -v env=test

Has anyone an idea about how to solve this or do you think this is a bug ? Thanks for your insights

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It's not a bug, as the psql documentation warns about this:

-c command ...

command must be either a command string that is completely parsable by the server (i.e., it contains no psql-specific features), or a single backslash command.

The expansion of :'env' in -c "SELECT :'env';" is a psql-specific feature.

I would suggest that the solution is to use heredoc rather than -c:

$ psql -v env=test <<END_OF_SQL
select :'env';


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