How can I show only unique values when concatenating 2 field in an access report? The code would need to be case insensitive. Let's say that if the values are the same, the first value will be kept.

Example: I have two fields "Pot" and "Box" and I want to concatenate their values in an Access Report

  • Pot: TM, gnd, , ops, uht
  • Box: tm, gxs, uty, , UHT

What I would like to obtain would be:

  1. TM
  2. gnd,gxs,
  3. uty
  4. ops
  5. uht

With the string below:

=([Pot].value) & iif (IsNull([Pot].value) ,"",", ") & + [Box]

I can concatenate the fields, but non-unique values are showing up (TM, tm).

I wonder if the function IFF could be used in this context, but I am not sure how to implement it with the above string in my access report?

I am using MS Access 365.

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