I have an RDS instance with Aurora Mysql 5.7.12 and I noticed that there are other versions of Aurora Mysql 5.7, but I don't understand what is the difference between them.

Some of the version listed are:

  • Aurora (MySQL)-5.7.12 <- The one that I have.
  • Aurora (MySQL 5.7)-2.03.2
  • Aurora (MySQL 5.7)-2.03.3
  • Aurora (MySQL 5.7)-2.03.4
  • Aurora (MySQL 5.7)-2.04.1
  • Etc...

I attach an image of the AWS Console: different versions of aurora mysql 5.7 I want to chose the right version (the one that have most bug fixes in order to have better stability in my system).

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They're differences in the minor/patch versions of Aurora.

If you spin up an instance of Aurora (MySQL)-5.7.12, then run:

SELECT @@aurora_version; -- Returns 2.02.5

It's essentially the first version of MySQL 5.7 compatible Aurora.


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