I have a dektop app which is generating content in a table format and displays 10 rows at a time, which I can export to a csv file or copy/paste.

The table has 10,000s of rows so I am trying to find a faster way than exporting 10 rows at a time.

I navigated to users/[user]/appdata/local/[my-app], inside was a folder called [file]_indexed_db. Inside was, lock - 0kb, log - 0kb, blob - 0kb, manifest - 6kb, and 10 LDB files around 2,000kb each.

I'm not sure but it looks as though the manifest is the schematics for the LDB files. I have tried opening the manifest file which just says meta-store followed by several lines similar to - üˆ^ú .

I checked on microsoft and their help says I can views the contents of the LDB files in notepad. I tried to do this but the file was mostly filled with forign symbols, some symbols chinese others korean, some lines had English text and displayed some of the content I exported from the table so I know the data is in these files but do not know how to extract.

I tried impoting the LDB file to my mysql server but got an error saying format not recognized.

I lastly tried to import the manifext and LDB to Microsoft Access but got the same error as above.

So I have, as far as I can tell 10 LDB files, and a few others which contain the data I am trying to download but have no idea how I can extract it. I know its possible as I can view it through the app I have.

So how do I get the data in these LDB files in to a readable format?


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