Hello i have setup streaming replication using PostgreSQL 11 on Windows working OK. How can i manually use the replica ( it is hot_standby=on ) in case Master fails ? What are the steps i have to perform to the replica ?

  • Do you want to access the standby or do you want to fail over? Please be more specific. – Laurenz Albe May 5 at 14:01
  • Thank You for your reply. I want to access standby ( Its critical for me to use the standby as master and have available database for read/write. – Anisa Ibro May 6 at 9:11
  • Do you want to promote the standby? Your question is still unclear. – Laurenz Albe May 6 at 11:32
  • Yes i want to promote the standy – Anisa Ibro May 6 at 11:51

Like the documentation says, there are three ways to promote a standby server:

  1. run pg_ctl promote on the command line.

  2. create a trigger file (if you have configured the standby server accordingly).

  3. from v12 on, you can also execute

    SELECT pg_promote();
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